Special Rotations


The overarching goal of this rotation is to provide the clinical experience for the care of patients recovering from general, regional and monitored anesthesia for all types of surgeries and procedures requiring anesthesia. There are two PACUs – major and annex. There are approximately 40 to 60 admissions to both PACUs together in a typical day, with many in the afternoon and early evening.

Most patients receiving an anesthetic recover in the PACU except for post-op cardiac, NICU and some critically ill patients, whom are transferred directly to their respective intensive care units. It is not unusual to have intubated or other medically complex patients in the PACU. From time to time the PACU will board SICU patients and may require the PACU resident’s assistance in their complex management. Always consult with the primary surgical team in this situation.

Residents are assigned to the PACU anytime in the CA-2 year for a one month rotation. The bulk of the educational experience takes place at the bedside as there is no substitute for direct observation of the physiologic and psychological adjustments that take place in the post-op period. The PACU resident should be the first contact person for the nurses when questions or problems arise that require intervention.