Resident Selection

Salary and Benefits

Postgraduate Level Annual  Monthly 
First Year  $51,346 $4,279
Second Year $52,836 $4,403
Third Year  $54,487 $4,540
Fourth Year  $56,387 $4,699
  • Vacation
    • First Year = Two Weeks Vacation
    • Second Year & Above = Three Weeks Vacation
    • Eight Holidays & Four Holiday Bonus Days
      * In accordance with University policy and/or compliance with Board Requirements
  • Health Insurance
    UK credit for plan and coverage level chosen
    *(please see UK HR Benefits for health insurance rates)
  • Parking Permit - "E" parking area
  • Lab Coats - Three per year
  • KY Dental/Medical Licensure
    • Dental - original cost plus yearly renewal
    • Medical - original cost for Residency Training (R) or Institutional Practice (IP) license plus yearly renewal
  • Disability Insurance - After 12 months of employment
  • Life Insurance - One times stipend coverage provided at no cost. Optional up to five times stipend
  • Meal Money - Money added to pay check (based upon duty hours)
  • Individual Beeper - Provided to each resident.
  • Retirement - Residents are not eligible for the University's retirement plan (matching contribution); however, you may contribute to the voluntary retirement plan

Resident Professional Development Fund Policy
Each resident receives funding specific for the personal educational and professional development of the resident.  Funding totals $5,500 for the four-year period.