Program Information



•  Clinical Base (CB) 12 months are shaded darker
•  ICU- 1,2 and 4 (CTV  ICU)
•  ICU- 3 (Neurosurgical ICU)

•  PSH- rotation directed by Dr. Rebel with POC Ultrasound training included
•  TEE- 1 week of TEE training in PGY2, and 2 weeks during PGY3. Electives in TEE may be arranged.

•  International Medicine- An elective of 1-2 weeks in international medicine is available to PGY4 residents (and PGY3 residents if acceptable to Dr. Montgomery and Dr. Schell)
•  Cards consult and code team assignment experience during PGY3 year
•  AC (Advanced Clinical) rotations
•  4 months of electives
•  Supervisor rotation- experience teaching and supervising other residents and CRNAs
•  Transition to Practice- experience modelling expected future practice including daily variety in case mix and assignments

CA 3 Electives:
Research - Research proposal will be approved by Dr. Sloan and Dr. Schell in advance. Experience in research available throughout training, but usually accomplished during PGY4 year.