Anesthesiology Awards

Master Educators Awards 2015

Three Anesthesiology faculty were recently awarded Abraham Flexner Master Educator Awards for 2015.  This award, given by the Center for Excellence in Medical Education, acknowledges the cumulative history of an individual’s contributions and uses multiple criteria for assessing significance.

Shira Gambrel M.D. received recognition for Educational Innovation & Curriculum DevelopmentFaculty Development in Education

Dung Nguyen M.D. for Educational Innovation & Curriculum DevelopmentEducational Evaluation & Research

Amy DiLorenzo for Educational Innovation & Curriculum Development

Master Educator recognition is given to faculty members who have made outstanding contributions to the educational program in teaching, leadership, innovation, evaluation and development.  Award categories include the following areas:

  • Educational Leadership and Administration
  • Outstanding Teaching Contribution or Mentorship
  • Educational Innovation and Curriculum Development
  • Educational Evaluation and Research
  • Faculty Development and Research